subscription リワードプログラム


It’s free for a month when you use a referral code.

HP Instant Ink

Sign up for any one year subscription to ink delivery which is charged per page and receive one extra month free, when you have an account you will keep getting an extra month free for each successful referral. Works in all countries - for example US users can use UK codes and vice versa.

1&1 Domains

Get any .COM Domain name for just $0.99 for 1 year! For a referring customer to be eligible for the commission payout, the new customer contract needs to be activated. The recommending customer will typically receive their commission 42 days after their friend or colleague activates their product package. Please note, however, that you will not be paid your commission if the product is cancelled during this 42-day period.

Peet's Coffee

Give friends $10 off their first order, and they’ll reward you with a free bag of coffee ($20 value, ships free) when they make a purchase.

Planet Fitness

You refer and get membership for $1 and for every friend referred you get 3 months free

Home Chef

Those who sign up using the referral invitation will receive a $35 discount off of their first order and the active subscriber will earn $35 in Home Chef credit. Customers are not permitted to refer members of the same household.


Get $15, Give $15. When you share your invite link, you’ll give a friend $15 off their first Boxed order of $60 or more, and you’ll get $15 in Boxed credit when that friend places their first order.


The referral program is now over. Each friend you invite to Hulu will receive an offer to subscribe and get a 30 days free trial. If they become a new paying subscriber for 2 months, you’ll get a $10 gift card.


Simply provide your Personalized Referral Link and once someone uses your Referral Link and Joins WHOOP, you will get One FREE Month WHOOP Subscription for each Referral that Joins WHOOP. The person you Refer will get $30 off their WHOOP Subscription when they join using your Referral Link.