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Earn 500 stepcoins for using required referral code to sign up.


Earn £10 Credit per successful referral when your friends spend £35. And when they do, they'll get 3 months free next day delivery.

Step App

Each user who signs up on Step App will receive free 10 FAT tokens in their account. You can also invite your friends using Step App referral code and earn free FAT tokens. Every day you will earn 3 FAT per day from referrals. Step is a development protocol for FitFi, Fitness Finance. Step App is the first app on the protocol, built by the core team.


Research has shown that working out with friends can make you more active. Refer your friends, and for each friend who signs up, you’ll both earn bonus points! Evidation will automatically credit you and your friend with 100 points once a new friend creates an account using your referral code and connects an app or completes an offer on Evidation. You can earn friend referral bonus points for up to 20 of the friends you refer. After you have referred 20 friends who activate their account, you will no longer earn bonus points for referrals.


Paceline rewards you (the referrer) with a $10 Amazon Gift Card and give the person you referred (the referee) $5 if both of the following conditions are met: - You already signed up for a Paceline account and linked a card to it. - Your referral signs up for a Paceline account using your referral code and redeems their first reward. Everyone is eligible, even if you’ve received a referral reward before. Refer 1 friend, get $10. Refer 50, get $500.


After you have completed 10 rides, you will be invited to refer new members. You can refer Peloton to up to 12 people per year. For each person you refer, they’ll receive $100 off accessories for their purchase, like clip-in cycling shoes and weights. The currency of the reward depending on each person’s country of residence.


You get 300 coins when your friend signs up using your link and earns 100 coins. You can invite a maximum of 10 friends.


Share the sponsorship code with a godson When creating his account, he must enter the code and he will earn 50 wards. When your godson reaches 150 wards you will earn 20 wards

Planet Fitness

You refer and get membership for $1 and for every friend referred you get 3 months free

Urban Sports Club

Sign up, stay 3 months, and each user gets 10 Euro.