p2p リワードプログラム

Status Money

The user gets $7. You can share your referral link to earn $1 for every friend who joins Status, links their credit file, and links an account.


Refer US citizens using your unique referral link. When they sign up, pass KYC, and deposit at least $10, you’ll get a $10 bonus into your account plus 10% of their instant-access investment earnings in their first year. Become a diamond MyConstant member and your earnings will double.


Create account and receive 50,000 lovecoins


As soon as your friend has registered then they should deposit and invest at least €100. Both of you will receive a €20 bonus as soon as the next day after your friend's investment.


1.) Use the referral link and just sign up (no promo code needed). 2.) Go through the identification process and wait until confirmation 3.) After confirmation invest at least €50 to get the €15 Bonus


The NEO Finance investor, for each friend they invite, who registers and opens an electronic money account with the unique code or the unique URL link shared by the investor, will get 1% of the amount invested by the invited friend every month throughout the first 3 months. The money will be transferred to the investor’s electronic money account by NEO Finance.


Referred users will get 10% fee discount for 6 months once they sign up.


Both, you and your friend, will receive a reward depending on your friends invested amount.


1.) Invite your friends Share Swaper with your friends with your unique promo link 2.) Your friends start investing Wait for 30 days when your friend has registered and started investing 3.) Receive rewards Earn bonuses based on your friend’s invested amount!


1.) Sign up through the referral link 2.) Deposit at least 100€ and invest them 3.) Receive Bonus