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Some percentage of the referral income. The referral program of the "peer2profit" service offers a unique opportunity - to rent out the excess capacity of your Internet channel and the Internet channel of your friends and acquaintances and get paid for it!


1) Refer a new host -- Send your referral link to a friend, and make sure they use it to create their listing. 2) Follow their progress -- You can track when they create their listing, host their first stay, and more. 3) Get paid -- Earn your cash reward 2-3 weeks after your friend’s first guest checks out. ** You can still use a referral code even if you are already signed up and hosting on Airbnb, as long as you haven't used a referral code for hosting thus far.


$20 for you, and $10 for your referral, when your referral signs up, connects their utility, and saves energy during #OhmHours.


Invite friends to Tibber and get NOK 500 in bonus per friend who becomes a customer. You can use the bonus on smart products that lower power consumption and provide better control at home.

Octopus Energy

Sign up using the referral link, get a quote and sign up. Once on supply your credit will be appear in your account balance.


Earn a $75 Amazon.com Gift Card* for every friend who purchases their first Casper mattress using your personal link. Plus, with your link they'll get 15% off an order with a mattress.

Grove Colllaborative

For each person you invite who places an order, you'll earn $10 and your friend will receive a free gift set.


Refer your friends to BatMaid and you'll both get bonuses.


You will receive $25 Amazon gift card for each friend who signs up using your unique link and subsequently receives a cheaper car insurance quote and provides their driver license number(s) to confirm the quote. Your friends must sign up with your unique link to qualify for the promotion.


Order a non-technical product without a voucher and get a cashback of 2%! Important information: Please note: Premiums are only paid on net amounts and for orders and deliveries in Austria. Partial and full returns are not reimbursed.